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Programadores 3.0

Programadores 3.0 is an initiative promoted by the state of San Luis (ARG) to teach programming and computational thinking to kids in primary schools, teenagers in secondary schools and adults, using Mumuki.

In addition to accessing exclusive content within the interactive platform, the programmers counted on the support of teachers in the forum and they were able to attend face-to-face workshops, dictated by the Mumuki team.

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Mini Programadores

Mini Programadores is an initiative of the Government of San Luis designed to encourage all the boys and girls of the province, between 8 and 12 years old, to discover the world of programming.

All of them have free access to Mumuki Primary, with content and functionalities designed taking into account the characteristic features of their age. In addition, they can attend monthly face-to-face meetings, dictated by the Mumuki team, with unplugged and online activities to review and reinforce the concepts learned in the platform.

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TEC.LA is a training for educators in Latin America and the gateway to the world of computational thinking.

Together with the Eidos Foundation, we designed workshops adaptable to the needs of each Latin American territory, with the aim of educators from across the region incorporating new educational practices and developing spaces where computational thinking is stimulated.

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Plan Ceibal

Since 2007, with the objective of supporting Uruguayan educational policies with technology, Plan Ceibal provides a set of programs, educational resources and training for students and teachers throughout the country.

In this framework, Mumuki is working in three different projects:

- Mumuki Championship: 1500 high school students use Mumuki to take their first steps in programming.

-Computational Thinking: 600 kids from elementary schools are learning with Mumuki.

- Youth to Program: 100 young people between 17 and 26 years old are using the Mumuki Platform to get a job in IT.

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Tierra de Programadores

In the province of Tierra del Fuego, through the Undersecretariat of Educational Planning, Information Technology and Evaluation, the project Tierra de Programadores (Land of Programmers) was presented for teachers and students of Technical and Secondary Schools with a computer orientation.

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the development of the capacities of students and teachers to solve problems through programming languages.

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Digital House

With two campuses in Buenos Aires and one in San Pablo, Digital House is one of the most recognized coding schools in the region. Both in Argentina and in Brazil, they use Mumuki for their full stack web, Android, iOS and data science courses.

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