Why mumuki?

Mumuki was born to promote the education of programming and computational thinking in an inclusive, entertaining and durable way , using open-source software and content.

Our ambition is to contribute to the democratization of digital literacy and to massify computational thinking, to achieve true digital inclusion.

What makes us different

  • We present a coherent didactic sequence that guides the learning process.
  • We encourage the practice from the beginning, always integrated with the theory.
  • We teach fundamental and durable concepts, oriented to the formation of critical thinking.
  • All our content and our platform are open.source.

What motivates us

  • Teach computational thinking.
  • Motivate technological vocations.
  • Promote digital competences.
  • Empower the teaching work.
  • Encourage the use of open software.

in the media

meet us

Franco Bulgarelli

Co-founder and CEO

Teacher, Engineer and programmer. He created Mumuki in search of new classroom practices. Musical nerd and amateur linguist.

Federico Scarpa


Engineer, software developer and teacher. He plays the guitar and the piano. Passionate about San Lorenzo and the music.

Agustín Pina


Software developer and Entrepreneur. Convinced that people are the axis of the educational revolution.

Laura Mangifesta

Communications Management

Communicator and researcher. Between art, communication and technology. Fan of learning new things.

Nadia Finzi

Operations Management

Professor of Mathematics of Media and Higher Education, Systems Engineer, pianist and tango dancer.

Rocío González

Mentoring Management

Student of Systems Engineering and teacher. She plays the guitar and loves horses and Stephen King's books.

Gustavo Trucco

Educational Management

Systems Engineer, developer and teacher. Cinephile, music lover and fan of comics and literature.

Mónica Gruszczanski


Illustrator and animator. She worked in the making of movies, animated series and videogames.

Julián Berbel Alt

Software Engineering

Student of Systems Engineering. He can recite all the digits of pi but only out of order.

Carolina Baldino


Student of Systems Engineering. She plays the guitar and studies violin. Racing Club fan.

Felipe Calvo

Software Engineering

Systems Engineer and programming teacher. He can count in binary with his fingers and play the (QWERTY) keyboard.

Daniela Villani


After several years as a programmer she discovered her vocation in teaching. Passionate about Racing Club.

Iván Tedoldi


Economy student. Developing his professional and personal facets. San Lorenzo and football fan. Passionate about politics.

Mayra Mosqueira

Mentoring and Education

Ceramist, teacher, hula hoop dancer. Cats, plants, nature and art lover.

Luciana Benotti


Researcher and teacher in CS, formed in Argentina, Italy, Spain, France and the USA. Repatriated in 2010.