educational content

To incorporate fundamental and long-lasting concepts

The content of Mumuki was created by a pedagogical team of teachers and educators, aiming to achieve maximum levels of quality.

It has a strong conceptual focus. It gives students practical technological tools within a theoretical framework oriented towards the construction of durable knowledge, easily extrapolated to future technologies and the formation of critical thinking.

Our platform allows the creation and modification of exercises and exams. When creating an exercise, the teacher can decide what is to be evaluated, which tests the solution must pass, and which bad practices the student should avoid. We also offer advice for the generation of content and the possibility of dumping pre-existing content into the platform.

interactive platform

To learn to think by programming

Mumuki Platform is an entertaining and didactic virtual learning environment, with open-source quality content. With more than 1500 automatic correction exercises, each student will learn, programming from the beginning, with activities that integrate practice and theory.

Our platform has an advanced evaluation engine that validates that the student's solution works correctly using the concepts taught. This allows us to define what concepts and skills each student must handle at a certain moment of their learning, to follow a coherent didactic sequence.

In addition, students have access to a consultation space. It is an internal forum where they can ask questions, receive pedagogical support from our tutors and also answer the doubts of their colleagues.

open in Spanish


To promote computational thinking since childhood

For boys and girls aged 8 to 12, we created MumuKids, the ideal space for them to learn programming while playing, with content and functionalities designed for their age. We develop a special didactic using fundamental elements to capture the child's attention, presenting the theoretical concepts in a simple and entertaining way.

The goal of this content is to promote computational thinking in boys and girls of elementary school, educating creative and critical people with fundamental knowledge to live in digital world.

Mumukids includes:

-A didactic platform to learn from practice

-10 chapters with over 200 exercises

- Interactive challenges to solve creatively

open in Spanish

virtual classroom

To facilitate and strengthen the teachers’ work

We offer monitoring and administration tools so that teachers can create courses, take exams and monitor the class and the students. These tools allow evaluating both personal performance and the course in general. The teacher can see the number of exercises performed and a history with the successive answers sent by each student. This allows detecting the subjects and exercises that present most difficulties.

The virtual classroom includes an internal messaging service that allows teachers and students to communicate without the need to use an external application. With this application, students can "raise their hands" to perform their queries virtually. It also allows the automation of answers so teachers can save time when they answer frequently asked questions.

pedagogical advice

To achieve the best possible results

With our pedagogical team we accompany you in the design and realization of your project. We teach you to take advantage of all the possibilities of our platform to achieve an effective impact. We also help you to select and create the didactic content, think about the didactics, dynamics and resources for its implementation, and we accompany you throughout the process.


Courses, conferences and workshops

We participate in events, designing and carrying out various pedagogical and motivational activities, to teach computer science and encourage technological vocations in all types of public. For both students and teachers, of any age and level of programming, we propose unplugged and online activities, designed according to each event.