Mumuki for schools

At Mumuki we bring you a comprehensive proposal to implement programming teaching in your educational institution, with resources for teachers and students.

Why is it important to teach programming in schools?

Currently almost all social dimensions are mediated by digital systems, which makes it essential to include this type of knowledge in teaching proposals.
Teaching programming is essential so that new generations can participate in the digital world in a safe and sensible way, being aware of their rights, obligations and possibilities.

When learning programming with Mumuki, children and teenagers will:

  • acquire skills to solve various problems of their daily life,
  • increase their opportunities for future integration into the world of work,
  • have better tools for the full exercise of their citizenship in a digital culture.

What does Mumuki for Schools include?


creation of educational content, support throughout the process, design of spaces.


you will have access to exclusive educational content and teaching manuals.


for teachers to acquire programming concepts and better tools for their teaching.


with interactive exercises, automatic feedback and an internal forum for queries.


we develop exams so that you can evaluate the concepts learned, within the Platform.